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Benebone Wishbone - Puppy Chew Toy!!

Benebone Wishbone - Puppy Chew Toy!!

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The Benebone Wishbone is our flagship. Since dogs don’t have thumbs, why give them a chew that you can pick up and they can’t? With real bacon, peanut and chicken infused all the way through, your dog’s wish is coming true.

Ingredients: nothing but ultra-strong, 100% USA-sourced nylon and chicken flavor for irresistible flavor and scent.
Made in the USA – Benebone is fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing.
Care: Benebones are not edible. Supervise closely and discard/replace when appropriate. As always, reach out to Benebone for questions or concerns.

Helpful Hint:

While very durable, Benebones are not a fit for very aggressive chewers who could damage the product or damage their teeth. So no adult teefies, puppies only!!

Great for teething puppies!

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