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BarkBone Natural Instincts Chew Ring for PUPPIES!!

BarkBone Natural Instincts Chew Ring for PUPPIES!!

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BarkBone® Peanut Butter Chew Rings gives puppies options when it comes to playtime and chew time. Made from durable, FDA-compliant nylon and infused with peanut butter flavoring, BarkBone Chew Rings are great for fetch, tug, and chew! These chew rings are designed to keep pups busy and entertained with their texture and delicious flavoring that is released as pup chews. Safe for Puppies Only!! No Adult Teefies!!


  • Ring toy infused with peanut butter flavoring 
  • Made with durable nylon to withstand rough play
  • Massage the gums to help clean a pup's teeth
  • Helps in controlling plaque and tartar
  • Sourced in the USA
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic materials.
  • Ideal for a game of fetch, tug-o-war, or simply as a chew toy
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