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The Dog Puller!

The Dog Puller!

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PULLER is an innovative dog agility toy, which provides a set of daily fitness workout and helps dog owners to build strong bond with their dogs.

PULLER provides full emotional and physical load for dogs, strengthens the bond between dog and owner and helps them both to keep themselves fit. Also, the exercises with PULLER are basic for two disciplines of Dog Puller – the international dog sport. Dog Puller is a sport where everyone – disregarding of age, physical readiness and breed of the dog – can participate.

PULLER was developed by professional cytologists as an innovative training shell for dogs. A special set of two purple PULLER rings and a set of exercises with it will provide daily interactive training for dogs and all the necessary physical activities, so the dog owner doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on walking.

The dog fitness tool PULLER became Fetch Toy Product of the Year in the Toys Category of Pet Innovation Awards – the US independent platform for innovations in the pet industry.


CONTACT - During exercises with PULLER, the dog keeps track of the owner’s actions, and the owner’s proposed action script. The program of contact exercises is created by professional trainers and is easily applicable by any owner.

MOTIVATION - Constant exchange of PULLER rings and effect of cooperation in a tandem of owner plus the dog is motivating a pet in the best way for ardor and positive activities.

BOND WITH DOG - During interactive sessions with a set of 2 rings, PULLER develops better understanding between the owner and the dog. This comfort in the owner’s communication with the dog later appears in everyday life. It’s a new level of communication!

EXCITEMENT - Thanks to the picked-up comfortable set of exercises and a set of two PULLER rings, the dog doesn’t lose interest during the exercises, and vice versa, is increasingly anyway in the process. This kind of excitement only adds the positive effects to the exercises.

Just a few exercises for 20 minutes will give the dog the training and activities of 5 miles of running!

In the urban conditions, most dog owners face a problem of insufficient walking with the pet. As a result, dogs suffer from lack of physical and emotional activity, and often have problems with obesity and chronic diseases.

Often the dog begins to suffer neurosis, which is manifested by spoiling the furniture or furnishings while the owner is away from home, or even may be aggressive towards both owner’s family and the owner himself.


  • Multifunctional Dog Toy - PULLER is more than just a dog ring toy. Use it to fetch, tug of war and water games. It is a great alternative to dog balls, floating dog toys, frisbee for dogs.
  • Improve Bonding With Your Dog - It is no longer possible to stay disconnected when the game is so engaging for both you and your dog! PULLER will truly make you best friends with your pet.
  • Safe for Teeth Unique Material - PULLER is soft enough and the dog does not injure the teeth and jaws when biting. PULLER is made of non-toxic and odorless material. Thus, the dog focuses on the game but not on the smell.
  • Increase Play Drive - Due to its unique features, PULLER easily engages your dog in play. An extremely fun activity with PULLER dog training toy motivates your dog to listen to you and pay attention.
  • Improve Your Dog's Health - Exercises with PULLER (Running, Jumping, Pulling) provide a daily fitness workout for your dog. 20 minutes of play with PULLER will give your dog the same activity as running 5 miles.
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